Jun 23, 2009

The Indian Marriage Procession

I attended a marriage procession recently.

Here's the scene: 9pm, random street. Black groom on equally black horse, let's call him 'The Dark Knight' ! .. he was choked up with the black smoke coming out of the generator. He was already invisible and the smoke sure made a deadly combo. The silver turban and his ghostly teeth were the only 2 visible co-ordinates available to locate him.

The Dark Knight was behind the 'Navbharat Band', a name which is replicated across cities and states in India. Let's take a look at who all participated in the circus:

a) 20 poor men and women, carrying on their head the burden of 20 tube-lights with color papers wrapped on them. They were 10 on each side of the procession. The generator was on their team, taking revenge of their misery from the groom. After all, half of that smoke on his face was because of the tube-lights' load !!

b) The contemporary lead singer, with his music crew. They were playing Daler Mehndi's "Hayo-rabba" as usual. His keyboard skills were as bad as the weather prediction skills of the Indian Meteorological Department; never on the right note. But, I couldn't figure out a screeching noise coming repeatedly in between the song. When i heard a "Bow-Bow", i realized that his skills were better than that of the Meteorological Department, he was being innovative at least. He used his "Panasonyca" keyboard, adding animal and bird sounds to groove-it-up. That screech must have been that of a sparrow.

c) The family members were dancing(kicking) and throwing money everywhere. The music crew kept fighting to get hold of the haphazard spread of money. A few well dressed outsiders also sneaked away with some cash. Guys did the Naagin dance. The elderly made sure that the young girls dance to their limits; protecting them from the poisonous snakes.

They were dancing on "Hayo- rabba, hayo-rabba, hayo-rabba. Gadde te na chad di gadire te na chad di, gaddi teh-teh na di-di-di, cha-cha un poo-poo duh-duh go-go da-da-di, bolo ta-ra-ra-ra" . this is how he sang it ! .. only the start and the end wordings of the song were correct. Well, who cares for the lyrics anyways !

The song ended, followed by a short hault. All of them hooted for their favorite songs to be played next. Locating the co-ordinates and pointing towards The Dark Knight, the lead singer shouted, "Ready, One, Twooo" and sang "Tennu dulha kinhe banaya, Bhootni ke .." .. poor chap !



Shilpa Garg said...

Pretty interesting portrayal!

It made me go back in time, when we had a Banquet Hall near our home and were witness to these processions which mostly brought gales of laughter but sometimes were a pain too!!

Jugaad_Owner said...

i liked the posts and other content,nice word usage.

Shilpa Garg said...

Hi! I have tagged u on my blog. Check it out and you may do it on your blog!
All the best!


Radom emotios said...

Awesome Blog :)

Though not been to barat 4 atleast 4 5 years but still could fell at after reading the blog :)

Vinay said...

thnx all :) ..

Narbhaksh! said...

good one :) hilarious!

Sri said...

wow!! I love the way you set in the cues and how they suddenly start to make sense at the end :)

Vinay said...

thnx sri! .. keep visitng

Chatterbox said...

That was hilarious and awesome in every sense.
You've nailed it yet again :)
I loved the way you aptly described how people keep 'kicking' around singing songs in the right tune and no consideration to the lyrics with funny blaring music.

Keep up the fantastic work Vinay.

Vinay Sharma said...

thank you !

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...
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