Sep 24, 2010

Kalmadi's Law

If you are appearing for IAS interviews, there is a good probability that you will be asked this question: "What will you do if you are offered a bribe?". If you prepared for IAS from any coaching class in Delhi, there is a good probability that you will give this answer: "There are 2 types of corruption, need-based and greed-based. I will refrain from both. If the situation is complex, i will make sure it's not greed"

If my children ask me this question, i'll say refrain, but if you do, do it like Lalit Modi. Modi wears a defamation suit, but he flaunts it at the night parties on his yacht. On the other side, after all this money laundering, Kalmadi still wears a red t-shirt (with cream lines) and elastics on the half-sleeves. I have a feeling that all the corruption happened under his nose, but he's got nothing!

I have observed a lot of failed personalities. People hate them for what they did wrong. The same people also admired them and made them personalities in the first place. Kalmadi has no such preface to himself, which makes him the worst losers of all. He is not a leader and not even close to being smart.

India Media couldn't fathom Kalmadi's visionary insights. They made a lot of fuss about the purchases done for the CWG village. Rs 4000 was paid per umbrella/shade. Kalmadi had a "green" agenda behind it. Looking at the CWG village toilet pictures, one is bound to attend the call of nature in it's serenity. With over showering clouds of Delhi, the big shades will help the athletes attend the call without getting wet; and it's Green too, ain't it?

Murphy's spirit is wandering in the CWG village these days, smiling at the snake, the stray dogs and the man who walked on the roof! But Kalmadi has gone beyond the Murphy's law. He has coined a new law: "Everything than can go right, will go wrong." He has not only coined it, but also proved it at an organizational level.

Every one (including the Prime Minister) has tortured the man so much that he is being over-cautious these days when it comes to a possibility of goof-up. In his toilet, he has pasted a fresh notice:

Gentlemen will lift the seat before use
Ladies will lift the seat after use
Just to be sure
- By Order


Sep 5, 2010


In a white body-fit costume, she dances with a pattern, in a style not known to many. The music is slow with a soothing treble. She makes waves with the hands and the body. She doesn't move from where she stood but does take turns. The room is dark, the floor is white and the walls are that of some shiny crystal.

She looks elegant and suave. With a distinguished jaw-line, green eyes and a sharp nose, she conveys a lot, even without any facial expressions. The dance patterns are designed to convey a message.

She revolves on the toe-tip, squints her eyes and extends her hands towards a white table. She waves her palm towards a candle placed on top of the table. It lights up! In the dark room, a ray of light from the candle passes through a prism and colors scatter through it. It happens in a split-second but is observed slowly. She dances around and waves her palm as she swiftly lights up hundreds of candles in a few seconds with her magical sleight of hand. The crystal walls are made of prisms too, they produce a color carnival outside.

From a green landscape outside, an 8 year old girl looks at the wall. Her pupils dilate. With dropped jaws, she stares admirably at the spectacle. Through a window on the wall, she sees the candle. The view from behind her zooms out. The music builds up. The wall converts in to a rectangular TV screen. The candle morphs in to the TV's power button.

The music changes and the line reads - It loves your eyes. Return the favor! ..


PS: The dancer represents the company. The dance represents the research. The candle represents the technology. The prism wall, of course, represents the L.E.D Tv.