Sep 5, 2010


In a white body-fit costume, she dances with a pattern, in a style not known to many. The music is slow with a soothing treble. She makes waves with the hands and the body. She doesn't move from where she stood but does take turns. The room is dark, the floor is white and the walls are that of some shiny crystal.

She looks elegant and suave. With a distinguished jaw-line, green eyes and a sharp nose, she conveys a lot, even without any facial expressions. The dance patterns are designed to convey a message.

She revolves on the toe-tip, squints her eyes and extends her hands towards a white table. She waves her palm towards a candle placed on top of the table. It lights up! In the dark room, a ray of light from the candle passes through a prism and colors scatter through it. It happens in a split-second but is observed slowly. She dances around and waves her palm as she swiftly lights up hundreds of candles in a few seconds with her magical sleight of hand. The crystal walls are made of prisms too, they produce a color carnival outside.

From a green landscape outside, an 8 year old girl looks at the wall. Her pupils dilate. With dropped jaws, she stares admirably at the spectacle. Through a window on the wall, she sees the candle. The view from behind her zooms out. The music builds up. The wall converts in to a rectangular TV screen. The candle morphs in to the TV's power button.

The music changes and the line reads - It loves your eyes. Return the favor! ..


PS: The dancer represents the company. The dance represents the research. The candle represents the technology. The prism wall, of course, represents the L.E.D Tv.


Chatterbox said...

Brilliant narration Vinay :D
I could actually imagine the Ad play in your words :)
You are too good at spinning views :)


Aastha said...

u truly have unique style of narration...

this blogpost is particularly unsuited for those who just glance through writings/posts.

Your writing commands the attention it needs to be given.

Narbhaksh! said...

bhaiya ji nahi chamka shuru mein toh :D but taking a clue from other comments ...I should say
abe vinay awesome hain yaar :)

Vinay Sharma said...

@Chatter: Thanks and keep visiting. Will reply to your email shortly.

@ Aastha: U din't mention which side you are, glance or attention :P .. thanks for the unique style comment though :D

@AVSC: tum nahi sudhroge !

Red said...

Well narrated. Btw, did you see the new Honda Jazz X ad lately? It's a lovely piece of communication.

Vinay Sharma said...

yep .. great ad with a lovely background music !! .. i shared it on FB too :) .. and more to it, these guys (Honda) sent me a message on FB, asking to join their Fan page

Kshitij said...


Bhai mere bas ki na hai yeh samjhna. I mean.. kuch na chamka mere bhi...


sorry, haha.

Vinay Sharma said...

m just wondering that how can the narration be good if people are not getting it :( !!

Kshitij said...


See, I am able to visualize using the narration.. which means narration is good.

But, I am not able to relate.. lol hahaa

Kshitij said...

I blogrolled you. Be prepared to handle heavy traffic.haha.