Dec 16, 2009

“It’s College Life”

The title of this post is in quotes. It was my wing’s favorite excuse-phrase, used after doing a questionable act. 2nd position was bagged by the phrase “Come On” (with lots of Os in “On”). These were the 2 axioms which laid the foundation pebble of our so-called wing, A-7.

The group was an uncanny mix of non-nerds. Each had a knack or two. With complimentarily contrasting knacks, each group meeting used to be a laughter marathon. Together, we decibled the hostel off the charts. Character assassination and barbaric rules built our constitution. The only criterion of decision-making was Majority - to hell with logic. Early movers disadvantage was a secret known by a few.

There were 10-11 prominent legislators, who played all the mind games to gain the coveted Majority on a day-to-day basis. Every act, every spoken word by every wing mate was counted, analyzed and memorized for possible future assassinations. Any self-proclaim or an intelligent point was replied with a plain phrase: “Bol diye hain”. It means shut-up - you can’t bring any good.

Academics was always considered as a topic of discussion, rarely as things-to-do. Our academic year had 2 semesters. Each Semester had 2 main exams, Mid-sems and End-sems. Rest were quizzes, which rested in peace. The Mid-sems and End-sems were the 2 events when we used to drool over xeroxes of toppers’ notes. The act of waking anyone up during exams was discouraged by others. A mischievous grin used to accompany - “Sone de yaar usko, thak gaya hoga wo”. In short, the one who tried to be friendly became the next-in-line for a “friendly” lesson.

Attendance was a number and probability game. It’s all about how many wing-mates have lower attendance that you. If even one of them is drowning below, it’s okay. The first class used to be at 8:30 am, followed by 3 more till 12:30. The vision used to be the 8:30 class, the purpose - 9:30 class, the aim – 10:30 class and the result – 11:30. Sometimes the 2 axioms used to justify being late for the 11:30 class. After all, “Come Ooon”, “It’s College Life”.

Have you ever taken lifts from auto-wallahs? .. cheated Banks? .. burnt notice boards?. Well! Nothing to be proud of - you may say, but these were touted as achievements by Majority, hence all. Being brief, this was A-7, which sadly denotes that it’s 7th floor of A-block of our hostel. Yeah, we were too lazy to name our so-called wing properly, but what can one do when the only 3 suggestions were: “Eagles”, “Fuelz” and “Kaminey”.


The legislators: Manav, Siddhu, Anshul, Saxi, Tau, Dippi, Maeta, GP, Santo, Chummi and myself. Trust me, the order of names in this list will also be noted down for my next assassination :)


PS: I was being sarcastic in the post. The truth is that I feel privileged to be a part of the most outrageous, hilarious and Machaxx group ever at IIT-Bombay ..