Dec 16, 2009

“It’s College Life”

The title of this post is in quotes. It was my wing’s favorite excuse-phrase, used after doing a questionable act. 2nd position was bagged by the phrase “Come On” (with lots of Os in “On”). These were the 2 axioms which laid the foundation pebble of our so-called wing, A-7.

The group was an uncanny mix of non-nerds. Each had a knack or two. With complimentarily contrasting knacks, each group meeting used to be a laughter marathon. Together, we decibled the hostel off the charts. Character assassination and barbaric rules built our constitution. The only criterion of decision-making was Majority - to hell with logic. Early movers disadvantage was a secret known by a few.

There were 10-11 prominent legislators, who played all the mind games to gain the coveted Majority on a day-to-day basis. Every act, every spoken word by every wing mate was counted, analyzed and memorized for possible future assassinations. Any self-proclaim or an intelligent point was replied with a plain phrase: “Bol diye hain”. It means shut-up - you can’t bring any good.

Academics was always considered as a topic of discussion, rarely as things-to-do. Our academic year had 2 semesters. Each Semester had 2 main exams, Mid-sems and End-sems. Rest were quizzes, which rested in peace. The Mid-sems and End-sems were the 2 events when we used to drool over xeroxes of toppers’ notes. The act of waking anyone up during exams was discouraged by others. A mischievous grin used to accompany - “Sone de yaar usko, thak gaya hoga wo”. In short, the one who tried to be friendly became the next-in-line for a “friendly” lesson.

Attendance was a number and probability game. It’s all about how many wing-mates have lower attendance that you. If even one of them is drowning below, it’s okay. The first class used to be at 8:30 am, followed by 3 more till 12:30. The vision used to be the 8:30 class, the purpose - 9:30 class, the aim – 10:30 class and the result – 11:30. Sometimes the 2 axioms used to justify being late for the 11:30 class. After all, “Come Ooon”, “It’s College Life”.

Have you ever taken lifts from auto-wallahs? .. cheated Banks? .. burnt notice boards?. Well! Nothing to be proud of - you may say, but these were touted as achievements by Majority, hence all. Being brief, this was A-7, which sadly denotes that it’s 7th floor of A-block of our hostel. Yeah, we were too lazy to name our so-called wing properly, but what can one do when the only 3 suggestions were: “Eagles”, “Fuelz” and “Kaminey”.


The legislators: Manav, Siddhu, Anshul, Saxi, Tau, Dippi, Maeta, GP, Santo, Chummi and myself. Trust me, the order of names in this list will also be noted down for my next assassination :)


PS: I was being sarcastic in the post. The truth is that I feel privileged to be a part of the most outrageous, hilarious and Machaxx group ever at IIT-Bombay ..



Red said...

Bol diye hain !!

Kshitij said...

Hmmm! Nice to know about your group. Did you send the link to all the fellow assassins?

sulagna said...

yeyiii vinay you are bcak!!! dint read your stuff for longgg!!!

and nice writing..blast from the past ho gaya na??

Narbhaksh! said...

come ooon :)

Radom emotios said...

True Indeed :)
Proud to be A-7 ite but legacy is falling. Loved it when you all were there.
Bol Diya hai :P

Vinay Sharma said...

@Robin: Yeah!
@Kshitij: Yes .. all of them know and they have noted down the order of names too
@Sulagna: Yep .. i wrote after quite sometime .. thnx ..
@AVSC: :)
@Rajan: Bacche dhoond ke lao .. wing ki maryada tumhare hath mein hai ..

Gaurav said...

When In Rome,Do As The Romans Do.. a perfect adage for dwellers of A-7....the wing certainly made all brutal and sly to take on the world...... you really mean the words mentioned in seems like profile mein maarne ke baad last mein 1-2 line senti daal diye hain....bol diye hain

Vaib's said...

Likh diye hain!!... abhi bhi in logon par aghaat karney se rukey nahin ho...!

Vinay Sharma said...

@GP: Thesaurus' brand ambassador!! .. and i mean my P.S. :)

@Vaibo: Yar ye aaghaat toh nahi tha .. sab happy hain :P

Chatterbox said...

Great to get to read an article from you after a very long time.

You've captured the fantastic hostel life moments in their true spirit.

I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of bit. what a wonderful classification of the classes from 8:20 to 12:30.

Keep up the good work :)


Madhu said...

wow...nicely written..sarcastic yeah!! But neatly done.A great read!

Varsh said...

Seems like you guys were an inspiration for 3 Idiots! Ever thought about claiming some royalty from Chetan Bhagat and Vidhu Vinod Chopra??

Vinay Sharma said...

thnx all ..
@ Varsh: sarcastic huh? :)

Saad Shaikh said...

Awesome post man!! \m/

that's a life to live.. and indeed A7 seems strange.. :P but then is there anything that's interesting but not strange?? well, that was a strange statement.. chuck it..

but yaar.. post padhke mazaa aaya.. n hostel life is sure fun! :)

I liked your mobile pics.. there's a photographer in you.. cool pics.. ;)

Sourabh said...

"The truth is that I feel privileged"
Bol Diye hain!!!!
Abey 3 idiots dekh li hai kya. Wasie suna hai Okay types hai. Kuch reviews de.

Manav top pe banta hai :P

PS::I miss mumbai :(

Vinay Sharma said...

@ Saad: Dude u need to calm down :D

@ Sourabh/Maeta: I mean every word of this blog .. including the privilege part :)

.. when coming back to mumbai?

Ankit said...

sahi be...mast...How come we never knew that you have a hidden writer (blogger:P) inside you..I guess that's also one of the tradition of A-7...:P

Vinay Sharma said...

ya .. all the good things come out after you move out of the wing :) ..

.. out of rig? where's your new year?

Ankit said...

kahan yaar...still stuck on this damn rig..will have my new year blast on the rig itself...wassup with u guys??...lets plan a visit to A-7 again sometime in Jan...wat say??? (bachcho se job treat leni hai:P:P)

Deepti Richa said...

Hey! I remember reading this a long time ago! I've been here before.. glad to be back. :)