Jun 1, 2009

Apple ishtyle !

How Apple works?

.. make rare products which appeal to users from all angles .. and then .. make people use them on company terms. For instance, buy an i-pod and you are forced to use it through iTunes (unless you crack it). More to it, the mp3 and video files should only be of a specific type. Similarly, the i-phone had many features missing and their PCs and laptops run only on their own Operating System.

Apparently, the revenues from iTunes are over a billion dollar. The insight is that the product is so good, one actually never complains over the fancy restrictions and conditions. Instead, you try to appreciate and find the logic behind them. But you wont find many services or companies who do this.

I remember I went to the Girgaum beach last year. I was with a few friends and we were enjoying a rally of fast food. I spotted a paan-wala with biigg moustache, round and proud !
I was having a Gola while he noticed me admiring his style. He was around 50 meters away.

He folded hands, bent his head down and with welcoming eyes, gave me a mute invitation. I couldn't resist the uncanny gesture. I went there with 2 of my other friends.

We were not surprised by the long menu. Of the top of my head, they were sweet and saada variants of Banarasi, Kalkatta, Maghai etc. We chose one randomly. He swiftly made a great looking paan with thousand ingredients. And then, suddenly, he placed his hand at the back of my head, pulled me down and forced the delicious beetle leaf in my mouth ! .. he does this to everybody .. No complains .. Apple ishtyle !