Mar 30, 2009

Mumbai Heat

You are stranded on the road waiting for taxi/auto/bus at 10 am (yes, 10 am !) in Mumbai. You won't get any of those. What you get instead is a smart, nonvolatile and maneuvering drop of sweat, just behind the right ear.

There is something terrible about the Mumbai heat. I am a Rajasthani and I have never been so uncomfortable, even with 45 degrees there. The heat here penetrates, actually hurts you, somewhere inside, even at 35 degrees. It feels like it uses some medium to go deep, deep inside you. What's the reason?

Based on my limited knowledge of science, I think the culprit is humidity (pretty obvious though). Our body sweats to cool down. Cooling happens when sweat evaporates, taking body heat away. But evaporation gets limited when humidity is high. So you sweat in Mumbai, but it isn't going to evaporate. You are hot, wet and stranded at 10 am ... yes, 10 am !!

PS: Based on 1000 true stories :D


Sourabh said...

So don't even have to wait for taxi..
Waiting for lift to come up to your level does exactly the same :(

aj said...

well,if u think that was tough...come to guwahati and face the torture...humidity here is high owing to the surrounding hills.Guwahati is situated at the foothills...which means during springtime,its heaven but otherwise...the sun,heat,humidity is just too much....