Mar 10, 2009

Filmy - Part 1

I came to know that Nauheed Cyrusi lives nearby ! - that's why they say it's a small world. Given the background, i am in a little filmy mood, so writing down things randomly:

Talking about Indian actresses, do u remember the days when Karishma Kapoor had a single eyebrow, Shilpa Shetty wore Cheetahs, Madhuri romanced the trees and Raveena smiled for no reasons ?

Well, over time they realized that this self-styled way of portrayal is not a long-term business. To make an impact, you've got to change. Karishma plucked her eyebrow and we got Fiza, Shakti et al. Shilpa wore sarees and bikinis and is doing TV, IPL, item songs and what not. Madhuri did some serious roles. She sizzled in Devdas and over-shadowed Aishwarya in every department. For some reasons, Raveena kept smiling. She never actually made an impact and therefore didn't stay for long

The rule seems to be: you don't stay longer if you don't change your image. Sounds like an alert for the over-rated Bipasha Basu. On the other hand, we have a pathetic example of change: Gracy Singh. For more info, watch Desh Drohi.


On the other hand, something is terribly wrong with Bollywood. I liked Namrata Shirodkar, she got married. I loved Gayatri Joshi, she also tied the knot. Of the four names i mentioned earlier, three are married (read retired). Why in heavens name do 'good actresses/ good looking actresses' get married ?

In some cases it is to cash upon the hype. You get one hit movie and you get a rich businessman husband. Look at Gayatri Joshi and Tara Sharma. Both of them cashed in on the success of Swades and Khosla respectively. Now you can find them on Page3 doing a shopping spree at Hilton.

In other cases, it's just the age. Not that they don't get businessmen, but the happening lot of the latter prefer the younger ones :)


To be continued ..


Narbhaksh! said...

I can't point out exactly what is weird in the blog....but I have started to contemplate, what could be "fiercely weird"

aasha agrawal said...
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Aastha said...

'Goli' finally boli,"well first of all I must say,great observation about Raveena!

On a serious note,your blogs seem to be improving by the day,in terms of keeping the reader engaged..and generating anticipation regarding your future blogs..

And btw,I happened to see 'Nauheed',no offense but once you see her,you would realise there is nothing about her that would make you get reminded of films or filmy people...;)