Feb 6, 2010

The Accident of Life

Scene A

"But i have been saving for SX4 for the last 2 years", shouted Aman, at his wife Asha. She wanted a Fiat Linea. After heated arguments for 2 months on which car to buy, he had no option but to give her a surprise gift of SX4. A surprise that wasn't, that too on a Sunday. To cool her down he gave her another surprise: "Look i have got "Asha" printed on the Car"

He got his return-gift as follows: "I told you to buy me a Linea", "So what if i don't drive", "AND you got the Black model, I was hoping you would at least go for White", "Ya, but at least the color would have made me a little happy", "Shut up!, that's just my name printed in White", "Now don't request me to not cry", "No you don't care for me", "No, you don't love me", "I hate you", "You are not a MAN" .. "Enjoy your Upma"

It's Monday and Aman ate his favorite breakfast Upma at a South Indian joint nearby. This has happened a lot of times before. Every fight costs him one week of Upma and a non-surprising Gift.

"Gahh, forget it .. i love my car". He drove out of the joint and headed for the flyover loaded with Traffic ..

Scene B

Chaman bought a dude brass horn (the ones in BEST buses) for his auto. He was now a hero among his fellows. "How much did it cost you", asked his friend. "8000 Rupeeees!!", he exclaimed. Chaman explained: "You see! when i blow this, people think it's the killer BEST bus coming from behind and they give me side". "This way, i can move faster in traffic. So technically, i can earn more .. 8000 is just a matter of a few months .. after that i'll reap profits".

The hero became the villain at home. "You didn't pay for his school fee and got this?", "I don't care what your friends think, i live under a flyover with a man who spends 8000 on a horn", "You could have gotten me an anklet", "That ring was last year", "You could have at least chosen some other color", "I don't care if this is the only color of Brass", "Ya, but at least the color would have made me a little happy", "No, i am not crying", "No you don't care for me", "No, you don't love me", "I hate you", "You are not a MAN" .. "Enjoy your Vada-Pav for 'Sunday special'"

Chaman heads off for work on Monday. "Gahh, forget it .. i will blow it even hard now". He came out from under and headed for going up the flyover ..

Scene C

Chaman blew the horn loudly, Aman lost control and Crash!!! .. both started shouting while not listening to each other.

Aman: "Abey Chaman! .. paagal hai kya?"(Such a big horn!!), "scratch laga diya gaadi par" (I spent so much for the stickers), "itna tez horn bajata hai baju se (How costly would this horn be)", "saale so raha hai .. subah nashta nahi diya kya biwi ne?" (I hope I'm not alone!), "aisa horn kharida hai, biwi bacchon par kharch kar deta paise" (I hope his wife fights him for this horn).

Chaman felt insulted as the abuse was his name indeed. After reading the printed name on the car, Chaman: "Chup kar saale Aman ki Asha, badi gaadi hai toh maarega kya!" (Such a big Car!!), "side dena chahiye na" (I spent so much money for ultimately getting a side), "itni badi gaadi le liya hai, chalana toh seekh le" (How costly would this car be), "saale so raha hai .. subah nashta nahi diya kya biwi ne?" (I hope I'm not alone!), "biwi ko nayi car pasand nahi ayi kya?" (I hope his wife fights him for this Car)

After much brawl, they parted ways, as Men do each day. Both smiled while driving ahead, having dumped their frustrations early in the morning. Their rediscovered aggression reassured them: "Men are Back"



musketeer said...

ache lekhak ban gaye ho tum! :)

(kalaakaar to man me bachpan se hi tha - ek naya roop bahar aa raha hai bas!)


Asif said...

Vinay sharma jiii...aaap script writer hain ya director hain :)
Enjoyed the post a lot.
You have great imagination :)
Keep Blogging !!!

mohit said...


loved it...almost like 'Taxi no. 9211' scenario ;)

Red said...

remined me of Yuva somewhere in between. Good one !!

Vinay Sharma said...

@Ghoda: Yey!
@Asif: Jiii? .. thnx and keep visiting dude ..
@ Mohit: thnx .. Taxi or Yuva? :)
@ Robin: It must be when you were reading the wife's commentary in scene B? . when she says "under the flyover" .. right?

Hippalgaonkar Rohit said...

while the humor is expected ... the script reads much like a PAF script. :D

Vinay Sharma said...

Glad u didn't say Socials :)

Aastha said...

sarcasm at its best....vinay sharma

Vinay Sharma said...

@Aastha: The best is yet to come :) .. btw why don't u put a pic?

Renu said...

good imagination..bechara aadmi:)..kahin bhi ho, kuch bhi karey result ek hi ha:)