Jan 25, 2010

It’s Unfortunate


The phrase “It’s Unfortunate” is thrown at our faces by the high ranking govt. officials on a day-to-day basis. It’s easy to learn and eliminates cross-questioning, probably the most efficient and high profile replacement to “I take the responsibility and will work on the shortcomings”

4 poor children just died of cold on Delhi streets; New Delhi, to be precise.

The govt. officials comment “It’s Unfortunate”. They claim they did everything possible to save the poor from the smoggish chill. They gave the necessary shelter, a mattress and a blanket; Rava blanket, to be precise.

We say It’s Unfortunate that there is a New in New Delhi.

They say It’s Unfortunate that Dal has become unaffordable to the poor, It’s Unfortunate that India is still vulnerable to terror attacks, It’s Unfortunate that Hockey India has hit a new low.

We say It’s Unfortunate that a farmer sells Dal at Rs 35/kg and people get it at Rs 100/kg, It’s Unfortunate that 26/11 happened a few weeks after an Intelligence warning, It’s Unfortunate that Hockey is our national sport.

For govt. officials, “It’s Unfortunate” should be dubbed as “I’m Unfortunate”.

For us, the Aam Aadmi bandwagon, it should be dubbed as “I can’t bring any fortune”



Anshul said...

Yeah !! in present times, it seems unfortunate is the word that describes our bureaucracy :) though I wont be that critical as slowly things are changing around ...... few days earlier to this incident, Delhi govt bull-dozered slum shelters citing Commonwealth beautification. Unfortunately, an old man died the next day, seeing which Court pulled up the collar of delhi govt asking it to provide shelters for the poor.

Vinay Sharma said...

It's the Supreme Court that whipped the stick .. otherwise it would have been Unfortunate :)

PS the Pratsie said...

really unfortunate that we still get only such words out of mst officials !! well said ..

And for the post which u did not understand, its a poem form.. which just meant that On sunny days, peace comes and stays with you if you ask.. or in other words, peace is within you :)

Narbhaksh! said...

Even I m unfortunate these days :( but the post is a shift in the history of fiercely weird..... I see a blogger turning into a critical writer :)

NoFaIrYtAlE said...

insightful i must say...The day India gets rid of such excuses, it'll actually progress...

Dave said...

Your politicians blame fate... ours blame each other. Who's got it worse?

Shruti said...

Beautifully written! Its Unfortunate is the term these officials use for everything! Starting from this issue to the inflation! Only this government has to be blamed!

As the saying goes, previously its pocket full of money and bucket full of products.
Now, its bucket full of money and pocket full of products!

sulagna said...

so much for the worlds largest democracy

Vinay Sharma said...

@Sulagna: Unfortunately !
@Narbhakshi: I see you observing my style often :)
@PS: thanks
@Dave: Lol !!
@ Shruti: thanks and rightly said
@ Nofairy: true indeed ..

Anonymous said...
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Leonardo said...

Kabhi Manmohan Singh ko speech dete sunna...har baar lagta hai as if kisi aur ko kaam karne ko bol raha hai. Active voice toh hoti hi nahi...

Nihit Gupta said...

well written and expressed.

what is the solution except to bring such debate in mass media ?

Vinay Sharma said...

@ Leonardo: ha ha .. but i actually respect that man ..

.. not a great linguist but a performer, to say the least!

@ Nihit: Thanks .. but i don't think that is the solution, its a little also about taking good people towards politics as a career .. HRD has got one more job to do ..

Tarun said...

I agree that governement is so unfortunate and if that remains the case, society has to pull up our socks and tighten our belts.
Cant let idiots dictate our destiny!!!


Chatterbox said...

It's everywhere and the same 'unfortunate' story unfolds in different garbs and magnitudes everywhere around the world.

Wonderfully expressed Vinay.

Keep up the good work :)


Vinay Sharma said...

@ Tarun: Roger
@ Chatterbox: I believe that's in the genes of a large chunk of politicians and bureaucrats .. thnks

Signet said...

Well written... Brings out the truth of today...! :)

Butterfly said...

I like your thought process.

The general 'chalta hai' attitude is to blame for all this.

Kitchen Sinks said...

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