Apr 17, 2009

30 minutes of Mumbai

On my way to office, i was listening to Lucky Ali's "Dekha hai aise bhi". Here's a snapshot of the scenes i saw "kisi ko aise hi" on the way, :

1) The area between the rail tracks and the road, dangerous as it sounds. A water pipe emerging from somewhere out of the ground. A big line to get that questionable H2O. It was heartnening to see the harmony between them. The attire looked Maharashtriyan and they were all surprisingly jovial.

"Dil ke jharokon mein ab bhi mohabbat ke saaye hai"

2) A poster of the new Mahesh Manjrekar movie (in Marathi) on the wall separating the tracks and the road. In the poster, he has a finger pointing out towards you, much like the US Army poster calling for people saying "I Want You". "Me Shivajiraje Bhosale Boltoy" is the title and he plays a "conscience awakener".

"Barson ki doori ko milke hum saath mitayenge"

3) A mini-truck passes by on the road. It's the campaign for MNS chief. All i could see was a big poster on a wodden frame pasted in front of the truck. Mr. Raj Thackrey also points his finger in the poster towards you. Not sure if its "I Want You"

"Thoda sa garaz hai, thodi si samajh hai"



Aastha said...


Sourabh said...

Are you still writing? :P

Vinay said...

for those of u who got confused with the various lines written in quotes after each para (like Sourabh) .. its the lyrics of the same song.

Prasad said...

Dude, u do have a cam in that itouch na?

Vinay said...

its itouch not iphone !! :)