Nov 5, 2009

Ravindra Jaded Jadeja

Just wrote this while watching the match .. not a BLOG blog :) ..

India has over 60 years of independence and over 20 years of dependence - Sachin!

So! .. It's India chasing 350. Nail biting match. Sachin goes berserk. Hits a fifty. Sehwag did a little blitzkrieg.

Oh! and the second wicket fell. Tense situation. India sad. Revital guys happy. Yuvi is the man in. Hits boundary. Over ends. Revital Advertisement. Yuvi says Jeeyo Jee Bhar Ke. Next over. Yuvi out, goes back. Pops the pill.

Sachin still berserking. Hits a ton. MRF sad. Adidas happy.

Dhoni in. Dhoni out. Bhajji in. Bhajji out.

Enters Ravindra Jadeja, the pop-eye. Hits a four, Indians amused. Punches Sachin, injury averted. Keeps strike. Powerplay on. Keeps strike. Powerplay on. Keeps strike. Indians abused. Sachin out of flow. Sachin out.

Praveen Kumar in. Hits a six. Fire in the eye. Jadeja still there, pops the eye. Wants strike. Jadeja out. Indians abused.

Nehra in. Indians pick the remote. Lofts 54 meters. Indians throw the remote. Nehra out. Nehra amused. Indians abused.


kish said...

It's almost as if the whole of India knew that if Sachin got out, they couldn't possibly win:)

Vinay Sharma said...

back to 90's are we?

Kshitij said...

what is this title? cant understand... is that the intention?

Serendipity said...

we really didnt deserve to lose this one :(

Vinay Sharma said...

@ Kshitij: Changed :P
@ Seren: it's even bad that we can't stop talkin abt it !!

Vinay Sharma said...
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