Oct 16, 2009


Jokowhich is an astonishing name. This guy, it seems, has a problem with the world. He carries the world in his pocket, he claims. The pocket is in his socks, he tells later.

It’s one thing to get a negative or opposite reply, it’s another to get an answer which makes you pull your eye-brows out. Why eye-brows you would ask? NCQP - No cross questions please. I learnt this from Jokowhich.

Let’s take a take on his takes:

Q: Who are you?

A: I’m the Joke which laughs on you. NCQP

Q: When were you born?

A: Somebody gave me a spank. That was the last time a guy spanked me. NCQP

Q: Which Joke made you famous?

A: That I carry my socks in my pocket. NCQP

Q: That was a PJ. Are these your true colours?

A: It’s colors. NCQP

Q: Okay do you know all colors? What about Mauve?

A: That doesn’t sound like a colour. That sounds like a Cow. NCQP

(Q: “You just said colour”. A: “No, I said color”)

Q: Okay, let’s change the subject. What’s your Rashee?

A: You didn’t change the subject. You still want to know when I was born. Change the subject. NCQP.

Q (irritated): Why are you so irritating?

A: That’s why. NCQP.

Q (smiling): Why are you so irritating?

A: I said NCQP. NCQP!


PS: This one's for those who felt my blog was getting less weird :P


Kshitij said...

that's like my boy... even i had to think... liked it.

Vinay Sharma said...

hehe .. thnx man .. this was for weird guys like u ;)