May 9, 2009

Cricket Commentators ..

What's prompted me to write this is the stating-the-obvious and irritating nature of some commentators:

X-Batsman, Y-Bowler.

Situation 1: X couldn't middle it, but it's one bounce to the fielder in the deep extra cover. 2 runs.

Ravi Shashtri (cunning): "Chance for a catch. No, it lands short. They'll have to hurry for 2. Safe"

Harsha Bhogle (smart): "Up in the air, the fielder takes it in one bounce. One bounce, one hand, that would have been out in GULLY cricket"

Tony Greig (The master): (shouts)That could be out !!!! .. no it's 2 runs.

Arun Lal (garbage): "That was not a good shot, couldn't middle it, not any foot movement, this has been his problem for a long time now, good fielding by the fielder, throw comes in, batsmen have to run hard and they did, it's 2 more runs for X, but lucky, he should not take risk right now"

LSRK (Laxman Siva Rama Krishnan, the whining god): "It counld be a boundaryn, no no, it counld be a cantch, no it fenll shonrt, it's a single, no no, it's two runs"


Situation 2: X hits a clean six over the extra cover.

Ravi Shashtri: "Bannnnng !, Stands tall and it's gone 100 miles .. "

Harsha: (shouts)"What a shot ! .. whhat aa shott ! Y will have to do something special now"

Tony Greig: (shouts)Oh Boy ! It's gone, gonnee, smashed out of the park for a six !!!!!

Arun Lal: "That was not a bad ball by Y, but look at X, look at the way he middles it, look how fast the bowl is travelling, its gone far, magnificent shot by X. I think this is a good innings"

LSRK: After 10 seconds "Thant wans an goond shont, thant wans certainlyn an goond shont, a wenll densenrvend sinx"


What will guys like Sunil Gavaskar, Ramiz Raja, Geoffery Boycott, Michael Holding etc. say in these situations? .. anybody?



MisguidedAngel said...

Be it a wicket,a dot ball or a six LSRK would say..."It's unbelievable ball/shot/fielding effort..."...Why does he find it so hard to believe normal cricketing things too?

Prasad said...

lol! Nicely put :)

Vinay said...

haha .. and to make it worse, LSRK is now supposed to say "unbelievable Citi moment of success"

Sourabh said...

naming sixer a DLF maxima..i was hoping that they also name a "duck-out" to DLF minima :P

dippi said...

haha.. arun lal ka woh nahi dala..
"mujhe yaad aa raha hai maninder (he is always there), unneesso chhiyattar (1976) ke test main (that was the only test he ever played i guess) bhi aisa hua tha.." (that test match had so much happened, he can relate to every situation of modern day cricket to that single match !!

Vinay said...
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Vinay said...

@ dippi: hahaha .. actually maninder used to bring the history on the table and then arun says "manni main aapki baat se bilkul sehmat hun"

.. unbelienvanble chemistryn bentween theense twon !

@ sourabh: u knw what .. the sixes are sponsored by Hyundai. So they are supposed to call them DLF maximums during the whole match and "Sixes brought to you by Hyundai" at the end of the match :p .. pity !

Vinay said...

I'm your namesake!
I loved this post. I felt as if I was actually hearing the commentaries. You have a nice ear to such things!

Came here through Indiblogger

Vinay said...

thnx .. Vinay !

shreeny said...

Hehe Good one!! said...

hehe I do not watch cricket bt this is nicely put hehe
nad thanks for the follow box ... m proud follower nw lols:P
nd abt my template ... I love black ... so I have increased the font size... jus check if its fine nw:)